About Me
Hello Friend! I am Abigail Dzama Anderson
I created the Shop Digital Products website and all the digital products inside here and also coach other entrepreneurs in online marketing strategies.
I work full time as a University Administrator and have been in the online business industry for the past five years. I help busy entrepreneurs and coaches to grow their business without frustration with organic strategies so that they can generate leads and sales.
I love teaching other entrepreneurs and professionals like myself how to grow a successful online business despite working 9-5.
Client Love
Thank you so much ma'am Abigail. The training has been fully packed. I appreciate the value you have dished out and taking time to organise this and stay true to the end.
Uniquemonik Monday

Thank you. Super helpful training. Can't wait to to get focused on this. Thank you so much for your time!
Kath Routledge

A big thank you to Abigail and her support in helping me to improve visibility on my Facebook profile. Her coaching session was loaded with valuable tips. I also value her patience.
Emilie Christensen


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