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Book a Call Email Sequence is a powerful tool for businesses looking to schedule calls with potential clients. With our expertly designed 5 sequences, you can easily reach out to your email list and invite them to schedule a call with you. Our customizable templates make it easy to create engaging and effective emails that will increase your conversion rates. Whether you’re a coach, consultant, or service provider, our email sequence will help you book more calls and grow your business. Get started today and start connecting with potential clients!

You get 5 email sequences.

Video Tutorial: How to add a customized message in the confirmation email after people buy through WooCommerce

To add a new SERVICE or PRODUCT > go to Dashboard > Products (under Woocommerce) > Add New > then enter the product title > then scroll down to “Product Short Description” > enter description > then scroll up to the right and find the “Product Image” and ‘Click the image to edit or update’ or click ‘Set product image’ > then scroll up again to add the Price > then scroll up to add the “Long Description” > then click Update or Publish button





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