My Beautiful Boundaries Journal


Looking to transform your mental health and well-being? If you struggle with setting healthy boundaries and worry about what others think of you, the My Beautiful Boundaries Journal is just what you need. Say goodbye to stress and anxiety and hello to a life of self-care and self-love with this unique journal designed to help you prioritize boundary-setting in your life.

My Beautiful Boundaries Journal is for you if:

  • You feel like you almost lost your sense of self because you spend so much time what others want from you or what you think they expect from you
  • You know what it means to pour from an empty cup: You find yourself saying yes to plans you don’t like and although you are already exhausted, you still say yes when asked for a favor our you even offer help yourself
  • You tend to overshare because you desire connection but it often leaves you feeling vulnerable and regretful.
  • People tend to push you over. They don’t get your hints to show more empathy and not even when you get slightly passive aggressive. It’s only when you have an angry outburst that they notice something is wrong but then your thoughts and feelings are dismissed by calling you emotional.
  • You often feel exploited, pressured, controlled or pushed around by others.






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